Eco Kitty Bird Review (Honest Pet Products)

Eco Kitty Bird
What It Is

Made from a natural Hemp canvas, the Eco Kitty Bird from Honest Pet Products is an economic play toy that your cat is going to really appreciate. Filled with high-quality, long-lasting organic catnip, the birdlike toy features a tail consisting of colorful all-natural Hemp twine strands and even manages to have a rattle for even more feline fun. Plenty of purring will ensue from the Kitty Bird that will fill your cat's days with a flurry of furry joy.

Is It Fun?
Kitty Bird is something every kitty will consider a good time. Our cat loved the toy and couldn't put it down as Socks swatted at the strands and held Kitty Bird like it was prey. The Kitty Bird is also extremely durable as it's made from the strongest natural fiber on Earth. Since the organic catnip lasts a while, other cat toys are not going to be a match for quite some time as Socks will be naturally drawn to the Kitty Bird's scented allure, in addition to its other features like the rattle, which enhances the playtime and brings out their predatory instincts (just a little bit).
Who It’s For
Kitty Bird is for all cats regardless of size and will surely dominate their playtime. Their eco-friendly owners will like the health benefits that it has to offer since the Eco Kitty Bird's materials are (you guessed it) environmentally safe for you fuzzy companion. A wonderful gift or just something different to add to Zipper's collection. They'll run around the house carrying the Eco Kitty Bird like a trophy, nibbling on the ends, or trying to swipe at it when you hold it above their paws.
What To Be Aware Of
Honest Pet Products produces excellent environmentally friendly toys that pets can enjoy. No different from the rest of their pet gear, the Eco Kitty Bird's organic catnip-lined strands and Hemp material guide both owners and their pets to safer play. The rattle is a great bonus that will encourage kitty to go after the Kitty Bird, catering to its natural instincts. From Green Bay, Wisconsin to Button's paws comes a neat, organic take on a pet standard.
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