Eco Cat Fisher Review (Honest Pet Products)

Eco Cat Fisher
What It Is
The Eco Cat Fisher from Honest Pet Products is a fun teaser toy for cats made of natural products! Honest Pet Products says it features a line of pet products that are True to our Pets, True to our Planet, and True to our People. The main component of this dangler toy is a five-inch long fish made of 100 percent natural, sustainable Hemp canvas filled with organic catnip. It's attached to a 12-inch natural bamboo pole with six inches of natural hemp twine, which allows for plenty of string to make it soar through the air. The natural fibers used in making this product are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-microbial and only require spot cleaning. Honest Pet Products are 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. The Eco Cat Fisher is made by disabled adults in Green Bay, Wisconsin. 
Is It Fun?
The Eco Cat Fisher by Honest Pet Products is a fun toy for cats because it features a large catnip-filled fish that dangles and flops around at the end of a long string made of hemp twine. Cats will love this teaser toy! It's heavier in weight than most dangler toys and has a different movement that's fun for cats to prey on and pounce on when they can catch it! 
Who It’s For
The Eco Cat Fisher by Honest Pet Products is a fun toy for cats and pet parents will appreciate that it is eco-friendly. It's also great for kitties that love to chase dangler toys that make fun noises! Cats that are attracted to catnip will love the scent of the natural catnip used in this product and will have a great time playing with this toy! 
What To Be Aware Of
The Eco Cat Fisher by Honest Pet Products is all natural and great for those cats that want to go green! It's fabric and materials are naturally anti-microbial and anti-bacterial! Since it does have a large amount of string, be sure to monitor your cats while playing with this toy so they don't get tangled in the string! 
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