Helmet H1 Review (iFamCare)

Helmet H1
What It Is
The Helmet H1 by iFamCare is an app-operated pet cam that lets you monitor your pet, broadcast voice messages, take photos, and video to share and even play a laser game with your cat or dog. There is also a motion-sensor mode that alerts you when there's movement. For the laser game, there are automated games in the app or it can be manually controlled.
Is It Fun?
If you're away from your pet all day and want to check in to be sure he's OK--or play a quick game--you'll appreciate the quality and ease of use in the smartphone app. There is also audio so that you can speak to your pet, and it's two-way in case your dog can talk back.
Who It’s For
Primarily for pet parents who feel guilty about leaving their pets alone all day and want to check in on them remotely. 
What To Be Aware Of
The camera is unable to connect to a 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, and it can be time-consuming to change your router settings. While the iPhone app also works on an iPad, it is not an iPad-designed app: it's just the iPhone version stretched for the screen. It appears the Android app is the same.

The iFamCare H1 Helmet is one of several cameras from ibaby Labs. This is not their baby monitor version but is designed for pets.

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