Torus Pet Water Bowl 2L Review (Heyrex)

Torus Pet Water Bowl 2L
What It Is

The Torus 2L Pet Water Bowl by Heyrex dispenses filtered water from a built-in reservoir and keeps a consistent water level in the dish all day long. The replaceable filters remove impurities from your pet's water so you can refill it from any fresh water source. It also features a locked setting so that the water in the reservoir can be held there, making the Torus bowl great for travel and ideal for outings with your four legged friends in places where fresh water may not be available. Instead of having to bring bottles of water and a bowl, this takes care of your pet's needs in one compact unit.

Why Is It Useful?

The Torus Pet Water Bowl 2L is not inexpensive. We feel this is a good investment for pet parents that include their pups in all activities and are always on the go.

Who It’s For

The Torus Pet Water Bowl is for any pet parent that wants to always have fresh water available for their dogs are cats. This can also be used to provide fresh water for pet parents who work long hours. The Torus Pet Water Bowl is ideal for traveling.

What To Be Aware Of

The filters for the Torus Pet Water Bowl need to be replaced periodically. Five month filter packs can be purchased separately. Each bowl comes with 1 replacement filter. The Torus bowl is available in Pink, Charcoal, Red and Blue.

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