Deluxe Pet Bunny Hoodie Review (Rubie's Costume Co.)

Deluxe Pet Bunny Hoodie
What It Is

The Deluxe Pet Bunny Hoodie from Rubie's Pet Boutique is a one-piece costume for dogs or cats. The Hoodie is one piece and has holes for your pet's front legs. Just slip the front legs through, attach the sewn-on Velcro along the front seam and then pull the hood up and your pooch or kitty will be transformed into the Easter Bunny. The Hood features embroidered eyes and nose and has soft, floppy ears with pink satin accents. The whole outfit is made from a soft, faux-fur material. This is a fun way to involve your furry friend in the Easter holiday spirit. This will be fun if your pet enjoys being dressed up.

Why Is It Useful?

Pets in costumes has become a social media staple. This outfit with its floppy ears will be entertaining to everyone except maybe your pet. Nothing says "social sharing" more than a pet in a cute outfit. This should be used only if your pet enjoys being dressed up.

Who It’s For

This is for any dog or cat that likes to be dressed up. It's not a heavy outfit, so even pets who don't usually like being dressed up may be ok with this.

What To Be Aware Of

The Deluxe Pet Bunny Hoodie comes in sizes XS to XXL. This costume should be removed if your pet decides to use it as a chew toy. This product is made from 100 percent faux fur.

  • Quality

  • Cuteness

  • Ease of Dressing