Ring Laser Pet Toy Review (Toys R Us Pets)

Ring Laser Pet Toy
What It Is

From Toys “R” Us Pets, the Ring Laser Pet Toy provides fun while giving your cat exercise as they chase the red dots. Place the ring laser on your finger and guide your cat across the house with this neat toy. We found the rings a little uncomfortable so we decided to hold the laser in our hand instead. We also found that the tiny AG3/LR41 button batteries don't last very long, so you may want to keep spares on hand. The Toys “R” Us Pets pack features two different colored plastic Ring Lasers to provide entertainment for both owners and kitties. This hunt-and-stalk toy for Felix gets kitty stretching and running around before you know it. Point the laser wherever you like and the furry one is sure to follow, stalk, and jump their way to the red dots you place in front of them. 

Is It Fun?

Simply put the ring on your finger, point, and push the button to start the furry frenzy. Pets and pet owners can have a good time with the Toys “R” Us Ring Laser as they watch their fuzz balls chase after the blinking or linear red targets. Owners will also appreciate the exercise they'll be providing for their lazy cats. Their kitties will thank them as the interaction will help strengthen the bond between human and animal. Being a laser, the pet ring can be used on any surface you desire for however long you like.

Who It’s For

The Ring Laser is for all cats no matter their age and provides your fur baby plenty of exercise and play. When kitty hasn't been very active, you can change all that with a quick press of a button. Your adorable ball of fluff will fill with curiosity and excitement as they try to get the dot that seemingly shows up everywhere.

What To Be Aware Of
The Toys “R” Us Ring Laser runs on two small AG3/LR41 button batteries and is made of plastic. Each pack comes with two lasers that can be used to entertain both pet and owner as they play together. The laser fits on your finger but may be more fun to just hold as the ring isn't very large. The batteries don't last long so we recommend you keep several packs around the house. 
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