Ultimate Eco Crafter Review (Alex)

Ultimate Eco Crafter
What It Is
The Ultimate Eco Crafter kit from Alex is a mega three kits-in-one craft kit. This kit comes fully loaded with 537 pieces for creating your own customized--and eco-friendly--scrapbook, jewelry, personalize cards and more. The kit includes a 40-page hard cover scrapbook, which you can decorate with 418 stickers, paper shapes, and frames, ribbons, glitter, stencils, and more. Alex includes a step-by-step guide for the bigger projects: paper making, scrapbooking pages, and eco jewelry. For example, in the eco jewelry craft, you'll use the precut pieces of paper, glue, and beads and spool to twist and wrap the paper around the beads and decorate with stickers. This is one that's easy to get started and we like that all the paper is pre-cut so it's easy to jump right in with your creativity. Once you've made a good amount of beads, you can then simply string them together to create wearable accessories for yourself or your friends.
Is It Fun?
This kit is really about letting your creative flag fly. Overall, we like that this is truly an all encompassing craft kit that doesn't simply focus on one type of craft. Because of this, there is a lot of repeat play value and wide-appeal to this kit. The fact that it also has an eco-friendly factor to it, only adds to its appeal. 
Who It’s For
The Ultimate Eco Crafter kit is for ages 7 and up. It will appeal to the mega crafter or families looking for group craft projects to do together.
What To Be Aware Of
When doing the paper making craft, it will take up to 2 days to dry overnight. A blender is recommended to mix/prep the paper but it is not required.
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