Disney Zootopia Flash the Sloth Review (shopDisney)

Disney Zootopia Flash the Sloth
What It Is
The Zootopia Flash plush from the Disney Store is based on the slow-moving character in the new Disney film, Zootopia. In the movie, Flash is considered to be the fastest moving employee who works at the DMV (Department of Mammal Vehicles). Flash is 14-inches tall head to toe. Flash features long limbs and hands that clasp together with Velcro closures to hang like a true sloth. Flash also wears twill pants and a silky top and tie. 
Is It Fun?
Flash is a loveable and goofy character in the new film that will certainly have a wide appeal among fans of the film. We also think in comparison to other stuffed characters in the lineup, Flash is especially huggable and cuddly with his long limbs. Kids will also have fun roleplaying scenes from the film with Flash.
Who It’s For
Zootopia Flash plush is for Zooptopia fans ages 3 and up. It will appeal to fans of the character in the new film as well as those simply looking for a cuddly new bedtime/playtime companion.
What To Be Aware Of
Flash also features the “Genuine, Original, Authentic Disney Store'' patch on his foot. 

Flash is available exclusively at the Disney Store.  Additional Zootopia toys are also available across all toy categories.

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