Ready Set Go Therapy Kit Review (Ready Set Go)

Ready Set Go Therapy Kit
What It Is
The Ready Set Go Play Therapy Kit from Ready Set Go is a new educational therapy kit that encourages kids through roleplay and helps them develop positive self-esteem to combat everyday bullying and isolation. Each therapy kit comes with a 14-inch tall superhero bear, Brianna or Brian, and a small storybook that talks about how the character overcame his/her own fears, set goals, and became his/her own superhero. Each bear comes with a cape and mask to battle any evil doers or feelings and features an embroidered Ready Set Go! logo as well as a pendant, which kids can wear and feel like a superhero, too. 

For parents and educators, the kit also comes with a companion guide, which use the bears as teaching tools and walk kids through six learning components. So as kids play, they will learn how to share, how to verbalize their feelings, and more. For example, kids can decorate a home for their bears to create a safe environment, either in a particular space in your home or by building one for them. 

Is It Fun?
In addition to the obvious huggable plush factor of this bear, we also like the messaging behind it and how it promotes kids' confidence in social settings. Through the guidance of parents and educators, kids will have fun interacting with their new friend in different ways each time they play. 
Who It’s For
The Ready Set Go Therapy Kit is for ages 5 and up. It is best suited for use in an educational setting, and may especially be a helpful tool in improving a child's social growth and development. 
What To Be Aware Of
Individual Ready Set Go Therapy Bears are also available for purchase.
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  • Cuddly

  • Collectibility