Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batman Deluxe Combat Gear Review (Thinkway Toys)

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Batman Deluxe Combat Gear
What It Is

Kids can get their Batgear on and head out on patrol as the Dark Knight wearing this roleplay set inspired by the movie, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The Batman Deluxe Combat Gear from Thinkway Toys includes five pieces for dressing up like the superhero. There's a chest plate, cape, mask, and two gauntlets. The detailed chest plate features a bat, and even abdominal muscles. It's made of soft, flexible material with two adjustable straps that criss cross in the back, and fasten with Velcro. The soft, fabric cape has two Velcro tabs that attach to Velcro on both sides of the chest plate. The mask helps mini Bruce Waynes disguise their identity. It also features an adjustable strap. The two defensive gauntlets, which are made of plastic, close with two straps each so they remain secure. 

Is It Fun?

This is a well made and detailed set that would be fun for everyday superhero imaginative play, or to wear as part of a Halloween costume, or to a costume party. 

Who It’s For

Batman Deluxe Combat Gear was designed for Batman fans ages 4 and up. All pieces are adjustable to grow with the child.

What To Be Aware Of

Kids may need help from an adult to adjust, and fasten the chest plate, mask, and gauntlets. 

  • Quality

  • Comfort

  • Ease of Dressing