Project Mc2 Bryden Bandweth Smiley Face Shirt Review (MGA Entertainment)

Project Mc2 Bryden Bandweth Smiley Face Shirt
What It Is
Stand back. These dolls are trending. Bryden Bandweth, one of the characters on the Netflix series Project MC2, is all about tweets, vlogs, and blogs. She brings the tech and math parts of the STEAM acronym to the Project MC2 team to help them go on missions for the secret organization NOV8.

And kids can bring this tech-savvy character off-screen with Project MC2 Bryden Bandweth dolls. There are two dolls to collect, each wearing a different outfit based on Bryden's look on the TV show. In one look, Bryden wears a long-sleeved shirt with the words “I am the sharpest pencil in the box” on the front to play up the character's smarts. The doll's shiny black shorts are worn over printed leggings, and multi-colored hightops finish the look. The doll also comes with a beaker-shaped comb.

The other doll wears a smiley face emoji-printed short-sleeve shirt, a red skirt with suspenders, and a jacket tied around the waist. Pizza-printed socks, multi-colored hightop sneakers, and lightning bolt earrings complete the look. And the doll comes with a beaker-shaped comb.

Each doll is sold separately.

Is It Fun?
Kids who are fans of Project MC2 will like bringing Bryden to life and playing out favorite scenes from the show or creating all-new adventures for the character. The dolls' cool fashions and Bryden's tech persona will also appeal to girls who have both fashion and technological interests.
Who It’s For
The Project MC2 Bryden Bandweth dolls are for ages 6 and up, and will appeal to fans of the Netflix series and character.
What To Be Aware Of
Dolls for the other Project MC2 dolls are also available and sold separately.
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