Neko Pawdz Tunnel System The 'Spider' "I" Review (Nekochan)

Neko Pawdz Tunnel System The 'Spider'
What It Is

The I Tunnel by Neko Pawdz isa cat tunnel that is part of the U-J and I tunnel system designed to interlockinto over 20 different formations to create a fun and playful environment foryour indoor cats to play in. The "I" Tunnel has 4 zippered openings andmeasures 3' long and 10" high and is shaped like the letter "I".It also features a crinkle paper sound to attract your cat to play with it. The"I" tunnel is great for cats that love to play hide and seek! Thistunnel is the most versatile when attaching the tunnels together to createunique shapes. The tunnels are made from a quality plush fabric that alsofeatures a soft and durable inside material. Tunnels easily zip together withheavy-duty zippers that have extra fabric to allow for flexible movement of thetunnels. The tunnels have a set of safety features that include smallpockets to tuck away loops/buttons when tunnel is in use and velcro pieces totuck up excess material around all zipper openings. All individual tunnels comein a stylish elegant pvc/mesh carry bag. The U-J-I tunnel system is great forcats who love hunting, or just playing around or shy cats looking for a safeplace to hide. Combine with wand toys like the Nekoflies for enhanced huntingplaytimes.

Is It Fun?

The "I" Tunnel from Neko Pawdz is part of a great tunnel system that creates a fun environment for kitties to play in! The "I" Tunnel creates extra excitement because of the four openings that allow for sneaky attacks during playtime. They also provide great entryways and exits! When attached together with the "J" and "U" tunnels the Neko Pawdz tunnels create a fun, exciting, and interactive environment that cat's will have fun playing in for hours. 

Who It’s For

The "I" Tunnel from Neko Pawdz is great for kitties that love to play hide and seek and pop out at their "predators" during playtime. The "I" Tunnel features four openings that are great for cats to sneak attacks as you're walking by. The tunnel system is great for cat's that are timid in their home environment and need a safe space for them to crawl around and travel through their homes. 

What To Be Aware Of

The “I” Tunnel comes with a fashionable carrying case that makes it easy to store away when not in use.Tunnels are made of a soft Always use caution when unclipping the coiled tunnel; it is best to use two hands. Supervise your pet while playing with this tunnel system and check it regularly to ensure no parts have become detached or separated. Wash out accidents using shower head and use blow dryer for faster dry time or air dry.

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