Candylicious Bubbles Review (Little Kids, Inc.)

Candylicious Bubbles
What It Is

Have bubbles as a snack with the edible Candylicious Bubbles. That's right! These are bubbles you can eat. They come in four flavors--grape, tutti-frutti, cherry, and bubblegum--and there are two ways to play and taste.

You can purchase each flavor separately packaged with a 20-mL packet of flavored bubble solution, a tube with built-in bubble wand, and a Bubble Ninja character as the tube's topper. Give the Bubble Ninja a squeeze to watch its tongue stick out.

You can also purchase each flavor separately in a 20-mL packet of bubble solution that comes with a wand.

With either version, dip the bubble wand in the bubble solution, blow bubbles, and chase after the bubbles to eat them.

Is It Fun?

Not every kid is going to like every flavor of these bubbles, but we were impressed with all four flavors. They're sweet without being too sweet, and it's lots of fun trying to get the bubbles in your mouth. This adds a whole new element to the classic play pattern of bubbles.

Who It’s For

Candylicious Bubbles are for ages 5 and up with adult supervision. They offer bubble-blowing and bubble-tasting fun for any kid who enjoys blowing bubbles outside.

What To Be Aware Of

These edibles bubbles are naturally allergen- and gluten-free. However, they are packaged in a facility that also handles dairy, wheat, eggs, and soy.

Do not drink the bubble solution.

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