Neater Feeder Review (Neater Pet Brands)

Neater Feeder
What It Is
The Neater Feeder is a two-level system that helps keeps your pet's feeding area clean and safe from accidental spills. Sometimes pet bowls get in the way and the slightest kick or nudge can send water and food flying all over the floor. Or maybe your dog or cat may not be the neatest eater. The Neater Feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls that fit into the upper compartment. If there is spillage, the food will stay in the upper compartment and the water will drain down into the lower compartment through a filter keeping floors clean and dry. Simply empty the lower compartment and wipe it dry to keep your pet's dining area neat and clean.
Why Is It Useful?
Keeping your pet's food area neat and clean benefits everyone in the family. Random food pieces can fly under the refrigerator or get into unseen places, which could lead to unwelcome pests including insects and mice. Also, sometimes you don't see an accidental spill on your floor and that can lead to slips and falls.
Who It’s For
The Neater Feeder comes in small, medium, and large sizes. Choose the size that is appropriate for your dog. A version for cats is also available. Each item is sold separately.
What To Be Aware Of
The Neater Feeder comes in two colors: cranberry and bronze. There are three sizes for dogs. There's small, medium, and large. The is also a version for cats. The two plastic levels of the Neater Feeder are made in the U.S.A. The bowls are from India.
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