Paw Patrol Football Review (Hedstrom)

Paw Patrol Football
What It Is
Play a game of catch with all your favorite Paw Patrol characters with the Paw Patrol Football. This junior football features images of Rocky, Rubble, Chase, Marshall, and Zuma, plus Paw Patrol graphics and logos. There are blue laces on the top of the football. It's not a foam football, but it's still very easy to grip and throw a spiral.
Is It Fun?
We thought that because this was not a foam football that the grip would be too slippery, but we were pleasantly surprised. This was very easy to grip and throw a spiral, and we think preschoolers will have no trouble handling this football. This would make a fun beginner football for young kids who are interested in the sport, as well as a fun way for kids to get outside and get active.
Who It’s For
We think 3- and 4-year-olds will have no problem picking up this football. Even older kids, provided they are Paw Patrol fans, will like this football because it's easy to grip and throw.
What To Be Aware Of
You'll need to inflate the football before you use it. Don't over-inflate it or it will be tough to catch.
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