Fast and Furious Twin Pack Dom's Dodge Charger & Brian's Toyota Supra Review (Jada Toys)

Fast and Furious Twin Pack Dom's Dodge Charger  & Brian's Toyota Supra
What It Is
Collect one of the cars driven by Brian and Dom in the final scene of Furious 7 with the Fast & Furious Dom's Dodge Charger. This silver 1:24-scale die-cast vehicle features an opening hood, an opening trunk, and opening doors. It's based on the look of the car as seen in the Furious 7 movie when Brian and Dom take one last drive through the mountains.

You can also collect Brian's Toyota Supra, sold separately, in this same die-cast scale.

Is It Fun?
This car is from one of the most popular scenes in the Furious 7 movie, so if you're a fan of the movies, you'll want to add this car to your collection. It's made of durable die-cast, so kids can play with the car, but we think most people will want to collect it.
Who It’s For
Fast and Furious Dom's Dodge Charger is for fans of the Furious 7 movie ages 8 and up. While kids will like driving this car around, it will also appeal to older fans of the movie and die-cast car collectors.
What To Be Aware Of
Getting the car out of the box is very difficult. You'll need a very small screwdriver, and it actually took three people from our team to get the screws out. It was a very frustrating process.
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