Hot Wheels Track Builder System Starter Kit Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Track Builder System Starter Kit
What It Is
Hot Wheels Track Builders System Starter Set is a collection of classic Hot Wheels orange track, launchers, connectors, bridges and more. The idea is that kids can use these pieces to create any kind of race tracks, stunt tracks or play environments they can imagine. The set includes an easy-to-follow instruction book that suggests a variety of configurations, but kids are encouraged to build their own--and try out all their Hot Wheels cars on the track. Innovative design allows the utility handle (which can be integrated into the tracks in various ways) to double as a storage device, allowing kids to hang all the pieces together for easy storage or portability. 
Is It Fun?
Well, to start with it's Hot Wheels, so it's fun right out of the box. But what makes this so great is that it really returns Hot Wheels to its initial play style--kids creating their own tracks from a variety of pieces. The set has enough stuff to keep kids occupied and creating, but it's also a great starter set for the whole Track Builders line. It's great for solo play and play with other kids (or parents), and it's also fun to see how different Hot Wheels cars (or other cars) perform on the tracks. Hint: they don't all perform the same. But trying it out and seeing what you can come up with is an essential part of the fun.
Who It’s For
The set is designed for kids ages 4 and up. It will appeal most to Hot Wheels fans who like to create their own tracks and configurations. 
What To Be Aware Of
More Track Builders sets are sold separately, including different stunts, accessories and tracks. They're available at a wide range of price points. This is good because as cool as this is, we imagine that kids who are really inspired by this system will want to collect other sets.

We were really impressed by some of the design innovations like pivot points that allow kids to set up track at angles that they couldn't before. The pivot points revolve 360 degrees, which adds to the building.

While we were impressed with the storage feature, it may be a little difficult for smaller hands to to. Parental help is recommended. But we really like how it keeps all the pieces together with room for more as collections grow. 

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