LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector Review (Pawdentify)

LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector
What It Is
LINKS-IT is a small device made from tough Dupont Delrin plastic that lets pet parents add or change their furry friend's tags easier than using the traditional ring that comes with the tags. You have to press the center of the LINKS-IT and slide it to open the ring. Then you can add or change the accessories your dog or cat might wear on its collar. The LINKS-IT comes in different colors and you can separate them, giving you the opportunity to mix and match.
Why Is It Useful?
If you are the type of pet parent that does a lot of accessorizing or struggles mightily with the traditional method, then this is a great option to change out your pet's bling with a bit more ease. If you have to change out collars often, this would also provide an easier method to switch tags. You never want to let fido run around without the ID or registration tag. However, it should be noted that you have to remove the traditional ring that comes with most tags before using the LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector. This may be difficult for some people.
Who It’s For
The LINKS-IT Pet ID Tag Connector can be used with any dog or cat that wears a collar.
What To Be Aware Of
Opening the LINKS-IT isn't easy to use, especially if you have larger fingers. You must remove the ring that comes already attached to most tags before using the LINKS-IT. LINKS-IT comes in Black, Pink, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Yellow, and White. Separate the LINKS-IT into two parts and mix and match colors to create a two-toned effect. LINKS-IT Pet Tag Connectors are available at select veterinarian offices or online at
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