Guitar Hero Live Review (Activision)

Guitar Hero Live
What It Is

Guitar Hero Live reinvents the living room-concert experience, which it introduced in 2005 with Guitar Hero Live from Activision. This is a reboot of the Guitar Hero series with some major changes to the original games. The first change is a redesigned guitar controller creating a more realistic guitar-playing experience. There are six buttons, in two rows that create a top fret and bottom fret. While playing, song notes travel down the screen in three rows and correspond to the six fret buttons, telling the player which button to hit at the appropriate time.

The other big change is that the game is now a first-person perspective using live-action concert footage rather than animated characters. Players take on the role of a guitarist in a band. The band mates and audience will react to the player's performance. 

Is It Fun?
Guitar Hero Live does a great job of making the player feel like they are in a band and performing for a live audience. 
Who It’s For
The game is rated T for Teen. We think kids as young as 10 will want to check it out, and the game's content should be ok for them, but it's mostly teens and adults that will enjoy it.   

What To Be Aware Of
Two people can play together, if they both have a guitar. Since the guitar and game interface have been redesigned, guitars from the original Guitar Hero games will not work with this version. 
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  • Guitar Hero Live from Activision
  • Part of the Guitar Hero brand
  • Rated T for Teen
  • Available on: MacNintendo Wii UPlaystation 3Playstation 4Xbox 360Xbox One
  • Available October 20, 2015