Star Wars Pictopia Game Review (Wonder Forge)

Star Wars Pictopia Game
What It Is

If you can correctly answer the most Star Wars trivia questions, then you have a shot at winning Pictopia: Star Wars Edition. In this trivia game, each player starts the game with a set of a character marker peg, five wager coins, and an answer dial. Every player's marker peg gets placed in the first position on the score tracker panel.

To play, each player will take a turn as the host, or question reader. Roll the die and answer the question on the back of the card that corresponds with what you rolled. (There is also a spot on the die that causes any player in first place to move their peg back a spot.) Some of the questions are group questions where all players, minus the host, must decide what the correct answer or answers are. Other questions are individual questions where each player, minus the host, will figure out the correct answer on his or her own. 

But before the question is even read, players must look at the four pictures on the front of the card that serve as potential answers to the question and place a wager coin in their designated slot face-down on the score tracker panel. The number on the wager coin determines how many spots you get to move your marker peg forward if you correctly answer the question. So if, after looking at the pictures on the card, you're very confident you can answer whatever the question may be correctly, you might wager a four or a five. Once the question has been read and answered, players flip over their wager coins. Only those who correctly answered get to move forward. If you were incorrect, you don't get to move.

When you reach the final spot on the score tracker panel, you've got to correctly answer one last question to win. If you incorrectly answer, your peg gets moved back two spaces. 

Pictopia: Star Wars Edition comes with 200 question cards, six answer dials, 30 wager coins, six marker pegs, a score tracker panel, a base tray, a die, and instructions. It is for two to six players.

Is It Fun?
If you're a fan of Star Wars and think you know all there is to know, let this trivia game put your knowledge to the test. This is a fun game that the whole Star Wars-loving family can play together.
Who It’s For
Pictopia: Star Wars Edition is for fans of the movies ages 7 and up. The game can be played with two to six players.
What To Be Aware Of
This game does not include trivia questions from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Questions based on the Star Wars: Rebels series are included.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy