Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science Kit Review (Alex)

Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science Kit
What It Is

The Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science Kit from Alex Toys is a craft and science kit that lets kids make fizzy sodas in lime, fruit punch, and cinnamon flavors. Follow the handy instruction booklet to calculate the perfect formula for your soda pop. Experiment with the formula. As you'll quickly learn the amount of baking soda and citric acid you'll need for the base is far less than what's originally given. The same goes for how much sugar you want--do you like it super sweet? Then, add more sugar. Then add your flavor.

When you are satisfied with your concocted creation, write down your recipes. There are extra pages in the back of the guide for lots more experimenting and recipes to share. You can even bottle up your soda pops to share with friends and family. And don't forget to add a bit of food coloring to give that extra punch to your fruit punch soda, for instance.

Is It Fun?

This is a fun kit for experimenting in the kitchen. Kids can tap into their culinary chemistry skills and use a little trial and error to figure out the right formulations for the perfect pop. It encourages kids to not just follow the directions to make soda but adds a little brainpower to the activity.

Who It’s For

The Project Mc2 Soda Pop Science Kit is for Project Mc2 fans ages 8 and up. It is best suited for those that are inquisitive and enjoy the process of trial and error testing. Some kids might not.

What To Be Aware Of

Most accessories are included but some will require a bit of digging around the house, but those are common items that should be readily available.

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