Dora and Friends Sticker Mosaics Review (Alex)

Dora and Friends Sticker Mosaics
What It Is
Create works of art with the Dora and Friends Sticker Mosaics kit, which lets Dora fans create sticker mosaics using five sticker boards and 725 stickers. The boards are packaged individually with the stickers kids should use to complete them. Just choose a board and place the stickers on the blank spaces of the board, matching by shape, size, and color, and using the picture instructions as a guideline.
Is It Fun?

Dora fans with the patience to complete these sticker projects can then place their finished sticker boards on the fridge or on a bedroom wall for display. 

Who It’s For

The Dora and Friends Sticker Mosaics kit is for crafty Dora fans ages 3 and up.

What To Be Aware Of
We found that there weren't always enough stickers to complete each sticker board or we would end up with a bunch of extra stickers in one color but nowhere to put them. Also, some of the stickers were difficult to remove, and the colors were so similar that they were difficult to match up.
  • Fun

  • Finished Project

  • Assembly & Instructions

    Medium Difficulty