Family Feud Review (Endless Games)

Family Feud
What It Is

It's time to play . . . Family Feud! Become the host of the popular TV game show and pit family members (or friends) against each other with the Family Feud 5th Edition game. Inspired by the TV game show, currently hosted by Steve Harvey who is featured on the game's box cover, this includes enough questions for playing 90 different games. That's a lot of Family Feud. 

The object of this game, as it is on the show, is to be the team with the most points at the end of four rounds by matching the most popular survey answers. The game is played with three or more players divided into two teams with one player acting as emcee. You play three Feud rounds and one Fast Money round. Like on the show, each Feud round starts with two players in a Face-Off. The first player to correctly give the number one survey answer or an answer with a higher number of points earns the right for his team to continue playing by trying to answer the rest of the correct survey answers. If the team gives three incorrect answers, the opposing team has a chance to give one correct answer to steal the points. But if the opposing team can't do it, the original team scores.

After three Feud rounds, it's time to play Fast Money. Unlike on the TV show, both teams get to play Fast Money. Two players from each team will both try to give the highest scoring survey answers to the same question. While one player answers, the second player must be in a separate room so as not to hear the answers. Both players' answers must be different. Total the point values for the given answers and add them to the point values from the Feud rounds. The team with the highest points total wins.

Family Feud 5th Edition comes with a scoreboard, an answer board, a wipe-off marker, a survey question/instruction book, and a strike indicator with three “X” strikes.

Is It Fun?
If your family likes to watch and play along with Family Feud at home, now you can really put your skills to the test whenever you want with this game. Just like on the show, you'll be surprised at some of the answers your teammates give and at what some of the correct answers actually are.
Who It’s For
Family Feud 5th Edition is for three or more players ages 10 and up. If you like watching Family Feud on TV, you might like playing this at-home version of the game.
What To Be Aware Of

Unlike other Family Feud board games, this game does not come with an answer stand with pieces to slide out to reveal the answers. There is also no buzzer or timer to keep track of how long a player has to answer. For Family Feud fans looking for a more classic game show experience, this version of the game might not be the best fit.

The game also does not include an eraser for the marker, so you'll need to provide your own tissue or paper towel to wipe off the boards.

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