Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Boombox Review (eKids)

Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Boombox
What It Is
The Star Wars Darth Vader Voice Changing Boombox adds a bit of the Dark Side to your music-listening experience. It's shaped like Darth Vader's helmet and even plays Darth Vader phrases and Star Wars sound effects. When you press the “Vader” button, you'll hear Darth Vader breathing. Sing or talk through the microphone in this mode to hear your voice sound like Darth Vader. To use this as a basic boombox, just connect your MP3 player to play your favorite music. You can also use the microphone for classic karaoke. The MP3 cord stores neatly in the compartment on the back of the boombox when not in use, and there's also built-in storage for the microphone.
Is It Fun?

This boombox will be fun for younger Star Wars fans who, while enjoying listening to their favorite songs through this themed boombox, will find the most fun talking through the microphone like Darth Vader. The sound quality as a boombox is good, but we think kids will be more into the voice-changing feature and the sound effects.

Who It’s For
The Star Wars Darth Vader Voice-Changing Boombox is for music-loving Star Wars fans ages 3 and up.
What To Be Aware Of

The boombox includes three AA batteries for the in-store try-me features. It's recommended that you replace them before you play for best results.

The directions say you can adjust the music's volume using the volume buttons on the front of the boombox, but that didn't work for us. We could only adjust the music's volume using the controls on our MP3 player. The volume control on the boombox did work, however, for the sound effects and phrases.

Some Star Wars fans might be disappointed that the Darth Vader phrases are not original movie phrases so it doesn't really sound like the original Darth Vader.

This boombox can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 batteries required