Sherpa Cat Tote Pet Carrier Review (Quaker Pet Group)

Sherpa Cat Tote Pet Carrier
What It Is
Sherpa Cat Pet Tote Carrier is a soft-sided cat carrier that is 17-inches long, nine-inches wide and 12-inches high. It fits cats or dogs weighing up to 12 pounds. This carrier features stronger wire mesh to endure claws and teeth. It has both top and side entries with locking zippers and snap-up privacy flaps on each side. Inside is a machine-washable, removable faux lambskin liner. For the owner, the Sherpa Cat Tote has a top handle and a removable shoulder strap, plus three pockets, two of which zipper shut. This carrier is airline approved and is guaranteed on-board American Airlines, United Airlines, and Air Canada.
Why Is It Useful?
Soft-sided carriers are far less bulky and easier to store and carry than hard-pet carriers, but with cats you have to worry about tears when it comes to claws and mesh paneling. But this tote was specifically designed for cats so the mesh will stand up to clawing and a cat's claws won't get stuck or snag. The privacy flaps are also great for cats who may be scared of traveling or new environments.
Who It’s For
The Sherpa Cat Tote is for cats or dogs weighing 12 pounds or less.
What To Be Aware Of
The Sherpa Cat Tote is part of the Guaranteed On-Board airline program meaning it is pre-approved for American Airlines, United Airlines, and Air Canada.
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