Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack Review (Activision)

Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack
What It Is

The game that invented the Toys to Life category is back with Skylanders SuperChargers and the SuperChargers Starter Pack from Activision.

SuperChargers is the fifth game in the Skylanders series, and an all new story that involves Kaos capturing Master Eon. Skylanders games are known for introducing something totally new with each game, and in SuperChargers, it's vehicles. While playing through the game, different areas will require players to place a real-world toy vehicle on the game's Portal, which will unlock the digital version of the toy in the game.

Vehicle areas include track-based levels where players race to the finish, while avoiding obstacles and picking up upgrade items. There are also battle areas where players fight enemies using the vehicles' weapons. Vehicles can only be used in specific areas, and the rest of the game involves the traditional character-based game-play of exploring and battling through game levels.

Is It Fun?

SuperChargers is a fast-paced game with non-stop action that makes it hard to put down. The toys are also fun to play with and collect, even for people that don't play the game.

Who It’s For

The game is rated E 10+ for Cartoon Violence and Comic Mishcief, which is the same rating that the past few games have had. There are four difficulty levels that start at Beginner, which is great for younger players, and end at Nightmare, which is even more challenging than the game's Expert level.

What To Be Aware Of

Since this is a new Skylanders game, you need the basic Starter Pack to play, and that comes with the game, newly designed Portal of Power, the SuperChargers vehicle--Hot Streak, and two SuperChargers figures of Spitfire and Super Shot Stealth Elf.

There's also an exclusive Nintendo edition with a Donkey Kong figure, and a Dark Edition with Dark Edition versions of the basic pack toys, plus an additional vehicle and a trophy.

Figures from past Skylanders games are also playable in SuperChargers and can continue to be leveled up.

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  • Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack from Activision
  • Part of the Skylanders brand
  • Rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and up
  • Available on: MacNintendo 3DSNintendo WiiNintendo Wii UPlaystation 3Playstation 4Xbox 360Xbox One
  • Available September 20, 2015