Roominate Townhouse Review (Roominate)

Roominate Townhouse
What It Is

The Roominate line of customizable building sets for girls expands this year with new building pieces and accessories. With the Roominate Townhouse set, kids get 121 pieces to build a three-story townhouse, wire a real-working fan, and then customize the townhouse however they want. Kids don't even have to build what they see in the picture on the box. The instructions give options for how to build the walls of the townhouse and different configurations for putting the walls together. There are also lots of ideas for designing furniture and other household accessories using the plastic pieces and stickers. And kids can rebuild the fan into other motorized objects, such as a merry-go-round, a fireplace, or a washing machine. Plus, the set comes with a Zoey doll and Zoey's cat Erwin.

The circuits in this set can also be connected to an rPower accessory, sold separately, so that kids can control their creations through the free Roominate app.

The Roominate Townhouse set includes four wall/floor panels, 52 furniture building pieces, 40 connectors, 12 columns, two wheels, two axles, one motor, one battery pack, one screwdriver, three sticker sheets, one sheet of wallpapers, a Zoey doll, and an Erwin the cat figure.

Is It Fun?
This is a creative and hands-on building set that challenges aspiring architects and crafters to use their imaginations in building their very own dollhouse. Kids will like the customization options and that they can easily rebuild this in so many different ways. Plus, they'll like experimenting with the circuitry of the working fan to create even more motorized objects for their dollhouse.
Who It’s For
The Roominate Townhouse is for crafty girls and aspiring architects ages 6 and up. While this line was designed primarily for girls, we don't see why boys wouldn't enjoy the play, too.
What To Be Aware Of
Two AA batteries are required but not included. It took us an hour to assemble this, and the instructions were easy to follow. At times during building, it seemed our townhouse was not very sturdy, but that's where using trial and error comes into play. Kids can experiment with the different ways to build walls and the positioning of the fan to determine how they can get the sturdiest structure. The Roominate app is a free download through the Apple App Store. It was not yet available on Android devices at the time of this review.
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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    2 AA batteries required