Disney Infinity Inside Out Play Set Review (Disney)

Disney Infinity Inside Out Play Set
What It Is

Disney Pixar's Inside Out Play Set pack comes with the Play Set piece and two Inside Out figures of Joy and Anger. The Play Set piece contains a full video game that can be unlocked in Disney Infinity 3.0 edition. The Inside Out Play Set game is a puzzle-solving, action platformer where players take on the role of the movie's characters and work their way through more than 20 levels. The game's story is based on the movie, and involves Riley's emotions traveling through Imagination Land to restore Riley's misplaced memories. Players choose their game character by selecting one of the two included toy figures. To play, just place the Play Set and figure on the Disney Infinity base, with the Infinity 3.0 edition game disc in a game console.

Is It Fun?

The Inside Out Play Set allows fans of the movie to engage with the characters and settings from the movie in an interactive adventure game. It also comes with cute figures that fans can display and play with.

Who It’s For

The Play Set pack is for fans of Inside Out ages 6 and up. The game content is suitable for anyone old enough to see and enjoy the movie. Players don't have to see the movie to enjoy the game, but it's going to be much more enjoyable to anyone that knows the characters and movie premise.

What To Be Aware Of

To play the game on the Play Set piece, you will need to already own the 3.0 edition of Disney Infinity and the Infinity Base, which are sold separately in the game's Starter Pack. Check out our review of the Starter Pack for more info.

Infinity 3.0 also includes the Toy Box, which is an open world, sandbox game where players can build whatever they want using objects and content unlocked in Play Set games.

Additional characters from the movie are available as figures, which are sold separately.

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  • Disney Infinity Inside Out Play Set from Disney
  • Part of the Disney Infinity brand
  • Rated E for Everyone
  • Available on: Nintendo Wii UPlaystation 3Playstation 4Xbox 360Xbox One
  • Available August 30, 2015