Trivial Pursuit Classic Rock Edition Review (USAopoly)

Trivial Pursuit Classic Rock Edition
What It Is

The Trivial Pursuit Classic Rock Edition is a cards-only, classic rock-themed version of the classic game of Trivial Pursuit. The game features hundreds of trivia questions based on the world of classic rock. Instead of moving a game piece around the board each time you correctly answer a question, you simply get awarded the card. 

Players take turns rolling a die with each side representing a different category that corresponds to the cards. Categories include artists, bands, the venues, album covers, and more. If you correctly answer a question on your turn, you get to keep rolling. As soon as you answer incorrectly, your turn ends and the next player rolls. Gameplay continues for as long as players want. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is then declared the winner. 

Is It Fun?
This is a game that is going to require a lot of in-depth knowledge of music history and multiple bands. If you consider yourself to be a casual to average classic rock fan--this is not the game for you. You'll find the game more frustrating than fun to play. We think even diehard fans are going to struggle with a lot of these questions, which can be fairly obscure. 
Who It’s For

The game is age graded 12 and up, but we think it's best suited for adults with a larger music knowledge base. This is not a game for casual classic rock fans. 

What To Be Aware Of
Some classic rock fans might find what they considered classic rock might be more narrowly defined than this game. For example, some might consider a band featured in the game like Mötorhead to be heavy metal more than classic rock.
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