Treat Crunching Multiball Review (StarMark Pet Products)

Treat Crunching Multiball
What It Is
The Treat Crunching Multiball from Starmark is a chew system for dogs. The ball is made from a nearly indestructible rubber-like material that is free of latex, Phthalate, and vinyl, according to Starmark. It contains openings to slide the treats inside. This has an additional feature where pet parents can also add in a flavored treat rod packed with smaller interactive treats, which entices the dog to do additional chomping. This creates an entire chew system, which will keep dogs busy.
Is It Fun?
Chewing is a natural stress reliever for dogs and they enjoy it. The chicken-flavored treats will entice your dog to chomp away for hours without destroying the multiball.
Who It’s For
The Treat Crunching Multiball is intended for any dog. But it is especially good for those dogs that never seem to have enough things to chew on. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Treat Crunching Multiball comes in two sizes: medium and large. Choose the right size for your furry friend. Like any chew toy, pet parent supervision is suggested. To prevent choking, remove the item from your dog when/if the toy shows signs of wear and tear or damage. Starmark's toys are very strong, but nothing is indestructible.
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