Treat Crunching Barbell, Medium Review (StarMark Pet Products)

Treat Crunching Barbell, Medium
What It Is
The Treat Crunching Barbell from StarMark is made from a rubber-like material that is latex, vinyl and Phthalate free. Each end is open and you can insert both hard and soft treats inside. This Treat Crunching Barbell is part of a system designed by StarMark that includes their treat rods and interactive treats. Insert the treat rod and pack them with the smaller treats turning two of them sideways at each end. The treats are chicken flavored. Then watch as Fido enjoys chomping on the barbell. While doing this he will eventually break the rod and enjoy the pieces as well as the interactive treats inside. We also think the rings on either end of the Barbell could help with dental hygiene as a gum massager, but StarMark does not make that claim.
Is It Fun?
Dogs love the challenge of treat-dispensing puzzles. It helps foster their natural instinct to forage.  You can start the experience by loading your own treats, which should release easily. For more of a challenge, pack the barbell as directed. 
Who It’s For
The Treat Crunching Barbell is for any dog that likes to chew or be challenged by a puzzle-type toy.
What To Be Aware Of
The Treat Crunching Barbell comes in two sizes: medium and large. Choose the size that's right for your dog. As with any chew toy, this should be used under pet parent supervision. This is very strong toy but nothing is indestructible when used by a dog.
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