Petlinks Mystery Motion Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Mystery Motion
What It Is
The Mystery Motion is a concealed, electronic cat toy. It consists of a circular plastic base with an arm that has feathers and string attached. A fabric cover conceals the entire path of the arm, which rotates around the base. The toy operates at four speeds: slow, medium, fast, and random. The feathers just peek out around the edge of the cover as they move back and forth around the perimeter randomly.
Is It Fun?
This toy will encourage cats to chase the feathers around the cover or to sit back quietly and wait to pounce. Your cat might even try to peek under the cover to catch the feathers. Cats will be intrigued by the mysterious hidden prey and try to catch it as it makes its way around. One of the things that's so fun about this toy is that the path doesn't just go around in a steady, circular motion. The path changes so the toy remains interesting for the cat. The different speeds also keep this toy from getting boring, especially the random speed. For pet parents, this toy is great because it's quiet and even if the cat disrupts the cover, it tends to right itself on its own.
Who It’s For
The Mystery Motion is for all cats. It is especially useful for pet parents who may not always be able to entertain their cat. This allows the cat to play independently.
What To Be Aware Of
This toy requires three AA batteries, which are not included.
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