Flitter Fly Review (Worldwise)

Flitter Fly
What It Is
The Flitter Fly is a battery-operated cat toy that consists of a clear plastic bowl with a fan at the bottom. The toy includes seven iridescent butterflies and several feathers infused with catnip. Place the feathers and butterflies inside the bowl. Turn on the toy and the lightweight butterflies and feathers get whirled around by the fan. Toys will occasionally escape out of the top of the bowl, prompting cats to chase after them.
Is It Fun?
Cats will be captivated by the whirlwind motion occurring inside the bowl. Cats will even try to bat at the toys inside the bowl. Even without the butterflies flying out of the bowl, it did provide exercise as my cat was running around the bowl trying to get at the butterflies. This toy is definitely a good source of feline entertainment as they try to capture the butterflies flying around.
Who It’s For
The Flitter Fly is appropriate for all cats. This is perfect for cats who needs toys that allow them to play independently.
What To Be Aware Of
Only the feathers flew out of the bowl, which happened almost immediately. All of the butterflies remained inside the bowl. Also, instead of being catnip infused, the toys came packed in a bag with loose catnip. Be especially careful to remove all of the loose catnip from the toys before placing them in the bowl. If not, catnip will fly all over once the fan inside the toy is turned on.
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