LeapFrog Epic Review (LeapFrog)

LeapFrog Epic
What It Is

As children spend more and more of their learning and entertainment time on tablets as opposed to on computers or watching TV, more and more families are providing grown-up tablets for even their younger kids. If you're considering getting a grown-up tablet for your child, you may want to consider the new LeapFrog Epic. This is a seven-inch, touchscreen tablet with 16GB, expandable up to 32GB. The operating system is based on Android 4.4, and it has front and back 2MP cameras and a built-in lithium ion rechargeable battery that will run the tablet for about six hours on a full charge. It also has wifi and Bluetooth 4.0. In other words, it's a good, basic tablet. It also comes with a stylus and a green silicone case to protect the tablet. LeapFrog also has an outstanding parental control feature that allows parents to control accounts for different kids, time and permissions, what apps can be accessed, access to the internet, and the unique LeapSearch kid-safe browser controls. The Epic comes with more than 20 apps, e-books, and utilities valued at over $150.

There are several features that distinguish this from other comparable tablets targeting this sector. The customizable homescreen is engaging and allows a nice level of personalization. The LeapFrog apps offer leveled learning in math, reading, and more, and grow with kids' abilities. Plus, there are versions of classic favorites such as Fruit Ninja and Doodle Jump for when it's just about play. Plus, the LeapFrog Learning Library has more than 2,600 curated apps for learning and entertainment, and parents will be happy to know that the great LeapFrog content is now available through the Library for a fraction of the old cartridge-based content price.  

Is It Fun?
Overall, this is a terrific value with an appealing interface, great content, excellent construction, and complete right out of the box. If you're shopping for an Android-based tablet for your younger child, this may be an excellent option.
Who It’s For
The LeapFrog Epic is designed for kids ages 3–9. It's a nice, basic Android-based tablet for kids that mimics the tablets mom or dad use.
What To Be Aware Of

Kids who are used to playing with their parents' tablets may find this a little slow, but it's completely comparable to other similar tablets.

The Epic runs on a rechargeable lithium ion battery. From a full charge, you get about six hours of play.

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