Star Wars Science The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience Review (Uncle Milton)

Star Wars Science The Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience
What It Is
The Star Wars Force Trainer II: Hologram Experience allows users to move and control hologram images with their minds and the included Bluetooth headset. Holograms are generated from a tablet device with the Force Trainer app, and appear in the included hologram display base. The headset features sensors with EEG electrodes that record brainwaves and allow users to communicate with the holograms through thoughts. 

Is It Fun?
Yoda acts as a teacher and guide through the app, which includes multiple levels with progressively more difficult challenges. Each level involves moving the projected hologram. The holograms themselves look incredibly realistic, and have a flickering appearance that recreates holograms in the Star Wars movies. Controlling the holograms with the mind is a unique and exciting experience. 
Who It’s For
The Force Trainer II is for Star Wars fans and science enthusiasts, ages 8 and up. People who have never heard of Star Wars (if they exist) will also want to check this out for the "Wow" factor.  
What To Be Aware Of
The Force Trainer app is a free download, and available for iPad and Samsung tablets. The tablet is not included. Check the product box for a list of compatible devices. 

The display base must be assembled. The directions are good and should take about 15 minutes to complete. 

Controlling the holograms requires practice, patience, and concentration. The hologram display will work in a bright room, however, the holograms stand out better if the room is dim or dark. 

The headset is adjustable so it will fit a wide range of head sizes. The sensors must make flat, unobstructed contact with the wearer's skin both above the eye and behind the ears. If the contact is not correct, the headset will disconnect from the base. Wearing the headset for prolonged periods can become uncomfortable. 


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