ChuckIt! Ultra Dart Rugged Review (Petmate)

ChuckIt! Ultra Dart Rugged
What It Is

The Chuckit! Ultra Dart Rugged is an additional accessory to the Ultra Sling fetch toys for dogs by Petmate. This dart is made from tough rubber and holds up well to chomping and rough play. It's ideal for short- or mid-range fetching. The Ultra Sling is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

The Ultra Sling rugged flies fairly well but holds up to noshing that might go on during the process of retrieval.

Who It’s For

This is for dogs of all sizes who retrieving as part of their play but may be a little overzealous with chomping the dart.

What To Be Aware Of

This looks like a kids toy, and kids could probably have a good time with it as well. We do not suggest shooting it directly at dogs or other people. This should be used with pet parent supervision and although it's the most durable of the Ultra Darts. This still should not be left with aggressive chewers. Other projectiles including the Ultra Wing, Ultra Dart Spin, and Ultra Dart Speed are sold separately.

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