Retracting Litter Pan Review (Petmate)

Retracting Litter Pan
What It Is
This covered litter box is 20 inches x 18 inches x 16 inches and is eight-inches deep. It features a retractable hood. It also includes a carbon filter to help reduce odors, which clips onto the back of the box lid. To clean the litter box, simply retract the hood for easy access to scooping.
Why Is It Useful?
The retractable hood serves a number of purposes. It allows cats to get into the box while deterring dogs from getting into the box. It also prevents litter scatter. The covered box and the hood create a sense of privacy for cats. The retractable hood helps to contain odors as well.
Who It’s For
This litter pan is quite large, making it ideal for houses with multiple cats or larger cats.
What To Be Aware Of
For optimal performance of the carbon filter, replace the filter every 90 days. Additional filters are sold separately. Also, because this litter box is so large, it may not be ideal for those living in smaller spaces.
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