Nuzzle Lounger Review (Petmate)

Nuzzle Lounger
What It Is

The Nuzzle Lounger from Petmate is a very soft pet bed made with a faux shearling bed pad. The bed has bolsters that are high enough for security but low enough for curiosity.

Why Is It Useful?

Many dogs like to have their own space for both comfort and security. The Nuzzle Lounger is a soft comfy bed for your dog. It has bolsters that are high enough to ensure your dog's privacy and low enough to satisfy his curiosity with a peek over. The bed pad is made with folds, which are perfect for those dogs who go through a nesting ritual before sleeping.

Who It’s For

The Nuzzle Lounger comes in different sizes making it appropriate for all breeds and sizes. It's made with comfort in mind so dogs who rest gently would fare best with this type of bed.

What To Be Aware Of

The Nuzzle Lounger is not for dogs that are prone to munching on their beds. The stuffing is made with high-loft, recycled polyfill.

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