JW Megalast Glow Ball Review (Petmate)

JW Megalast Glow Ball
What It Is
The JW Megalast Glow Ball is part of the JW Megalast Glow line. The Glow Ball is constructed out of Megalastomer, which is a proprietary material that's very durable. This ball will stand up to aggressive chewing without losing its shape. There are chambers built into the ball that allow pet parents to wedge treats, both soft and hard, into it for enhance chomping. After being exposed to light, the ball will glow in the dark making it easy to find during play after dark. The Glow Ball is weighted well and bounces, making it excellent for fetch. It also floats and can be used as a water toy. 
Is It Fun?
The ball can be used for supervised chomping and you can add a variety of treats into the chambers to enhance the chomping experience. The Glow Ball is also excellent for a game of fetch since it bounces and can be thrown quite far. The glow feature makes play after dark a possibility since it's easier to see.   
Who It’s For
The Megalast Glow Ball is good for any dog that likes a good fetch game or for pooches that like to really get into a good chomp. There are two sizes, medium and large, so choose based on the size of your furry friend.
What To Be Aware Of
The Megalast Glow Ball needs to be exposed to light in order to glow in the dark. The Glow Ball comes in two sizes, medium and large.  Like any dog toy, pet parent supervision is suggested.  While this is an extremely strong toy, nothing is indestructible.
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