Osmo Game System Starter Kit Review (Tangible Play)

Osmo Game System Starter Kit
What It Is

Osmo offers simple, classic games--there's Tangram (arrange multi-colored polygon pieces to make more complex shapes), Words (a spelling game where you arrange tiles to spell words) and Newton (essentially a build-it-yourself pinball machine where you arrange the bumpers to hit certain targets). 

When you place an iPad in the provided stand and slip the mirror unit over the isight camera, any flat surface becomes the playing area. (This is currently for use with iPad only.)

Osmo also offers another tile game available for purchase called Numbers, which is sold separately or as a part of the larger Genius Kit.

Is It Fun?

Each of the included games is great and really fun for kids from kindergarten through middle school, even in their old fashioned cardboard or plastic versions, but because you're not dealing with an old-fashioned toy, you're not limited by what comes in the box. The apps can download seemingly infinite levels and play options.

Who It’s For
Kids ages 5–13 who like gadgets and app-based games will be as delighted as will their parents.
What To Be Aware Of

There is no option to play onscreen without the whole setup. This is not meant as a travel game.

This is for use with iPad only.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy