Quiddler Review (SET Enterprises)

What It Is
The object of the card game Quiddler is to score the most points by making words out of letter cards. The game comes with 118 cards with letters from A to Z, and special double-letter cards: QU, IN, ER, TH, and CL. Each card is worth a different point value.
The game is played in eight rounds. In the first round, each player gets three cards. In subsequent rounds, the number of cards each player gets goes up by one card, so that by the eighth and final round, all players are playing with 10-card hands.
On your turn, you can either draw the top card on the discard pile or draw a card from the draw pile. The goal is to use the cards in your hand to spell a word with two or more letters. If you're able to spell a word, lay down those cards and discard one. On your turn, if you're able to spell a word using all the cards in your hand with one discard card remaining, then you're going out. All other players then have one more turn to draw a card and spell words, and then the round is over.
To score, add up the point values on the cards you used to spell words. You'll have to subtract points for any unused cards. You can also receive 10 bonus points if you were the player with the most words or the longest word in the round. After eight rounds, the player with the most points wins.
Is It Fun?
If you like word games, we think you'll like Quiddler. The concept is easy to learn, but the actual gameplay can be rather challenging in a good way, especially as you progress through each round with more and more letter cards in your hand. Its compact size also makes it easy to take and play on the go.
Who It’s For
Quiddler is for one to eight players ages 8 and up. Older players who like word games will find this game appealing, and it's also a nice way for younger players to practice spelling and expand their vocabularies.
What To Be Aware Of
Quiddler is also available in Deluxe, Junior, and Mini versions. Each is sold separately.
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