Starlily My Magical Unicorn Review (Hasbro)

Starlily My Magical Unicorn
What It Is
Star Lily My Magical unicorn from Hasbro is the latest introduction in the popular FurReal Friends line, this beautiful character stands about 18 inches tall at the tip of her crystalline horn. Play with Starlily is all about interacting with her. She has sensors in her horn, her back, her mouth and her cheeks. She'll respond to touch and to your talking to her. And you'll see her horn change colors. Hasbro says the colors change to reflect Starlily's moods, but they don't give you a key, so you'll have to discover for yourself.  

Starlily comes with her Sugarberry, which can be used to feed her, and which she will respond to. .Starlily is poseable as well, but that seems somewhat secondary, but would be useful if Starlily was attending a tea party, for example. 

Starlily also has an app that she interacts with. It lets you do things like feed Starlily and play matching games. The app is nicely done, and it guides you through the set up and play with the toy. However, the app will probably be most appealing as a  complement to the classic nurturing and interactive play. 

Is It Fun?
The appeal of the FurReal Friends line has always been about having a realistic pet. Starlily takes the play to a whole new level with the magic of a unicorn. The sophisticated electronics make her movements seem very lifelike, and her responses are very sweet. This is definitely a toy that kids will enjoy over time, as the more they play with it, the more responsive it appears to be, and creating that imaginary relationship with a special friend is what the play is all about. 
Who It’s For
Starlily is designed for kids ages 4 and up. It will appeal to kids who enjoy open-ended, narrative based play and who will enjoy creating a relationship with a very lifelike imaginary friend.
What To Be Aware Of
At first we were a little skeptical about this toy, but as we played with it, even over a few hours, we started to see a personality develop--or rather unlock different responses. We were really impressed by the lifelike fluidity of the movements, the quiet of the motors (that's a big deal to us) and the fun of just exploring and playing, which, of course, is the whole point.

Starlily takes 4 C batteries. She has an auto shut off but can be awakened by touching the sensor on her back or feeding her the Sugarberry. 

The free app is very nice, and Starlily will interact with it. However, it's not essential for kids to have a great play experience with the toy. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    4 C batteries required