Wall Scratcher Review (Cat Dancer Products)

Wall Scratcher
What It Is
The Wall Scratcher is a cardboard scratching post featuring two corrugated cardboard cores that are reversible and interchangeable. Each Wall Scratcher includes four Command Strips for damage-free attachment to a wall. It also comes with one Cat Dancer toy, which fits into a hole on the top of the scratcher so it can now be used as a play area for cats.
Is It Fun?
Cats will enjoy scratching, swatting, and batting at the Wall Scratcher because it is wall mounted. Scratching is an incredibly important activity for cats. It is necessary to keep them in shape and to keep their claws healthy. This vertical scratcher makes it ideal for stretching and toning a cat's back muscles. However, this scratcher may not be for all cats. It may take some time for cats to adjust to wall-mounted scratching. We tried this scratcher with several different cats, and while they played with the toy, none of the cats actually used the scratcher to scratch on.
Who It’s For
The Wall Scratcher is ideal for those who have very little space to devote to cat toys. Keep in mind that not all cats will immediately take to scratching on a wall-mounted vertical surface.
What To Be Aware Of
The cardboard cores are reversible and interchangeable for extended product life. Additional replacement cores are sold separately.
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