Groove Cube Shutter Speaker Review (WowWee)

Groove Cube Shutter Speaker
What It Is

The Groove Cube Shutter is a mini Bluetooth speaker that does so much more than simply play music from your Bluetooth-paired smart device. Thanks to its built-in microphone, it can also be used for hands-free phone calls. Open your device's camera and use the Groove Cube Shutter's remote shutter button for easy selfies. The Groove Cube Shutter also comes with a lanyard and jack pin for attaching to your device. This mini speaker is available in several color options, including green, blue, black, white, and red.

Is It Fun?

This is a pretty cool little speaker that gives you great sound quality for the size and multi-functionality. Its small size makes it perfect for taking on the go and leaving out on display when you're not listening to music.

Who It’s For

Because this isn't a toy, the Groove Cube Shutter isn't age-graded, but we think it's easy to use for music (and selfie-taking) lovers ages 6 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

The Groove Cube Shutter runs on a rechargeable battery that you charge using the included USB cable. It took us about 12 minutes to charge this once we took it out of the box. The package says that a full charge provides 1.5 hours of use.

We struggled a little bit stringing the lanyard through the hole on the speaker, but with some patience and persistence, we did get it through.

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