SafeheadBABY Ladybird Blue Review (Safehead, Inc.)

SafeheadBABY Ladybird Blue
What It Is

SafeheadBABY is a soft, padded, and lightweight helmet for baby up to age 2. It is designed to protect baby's head from the potential bumps and bruises that may occur while crawling, walking, and exploring. The helmet has holes to provide ventilation. It is lightweight so there is no pressure on the child's neck, head, or body. An adjustable chin strap and accordion-style expansion of the dome accommodate various sizes and growing heads. It is available in four colors and each is sold separately.

Why Is It Useful?

This helmet can protect baby's head during the inevitable falls that occur as baby learns to crawl, walk, or run.  

Who It’s For

SafeheadBABY is for ages 7–24 months. 

What To Be Aware Of

The SafeheadBABY Ladybird is available in four colors and each is sold separately.

Accurate fit is important for the helmet to work effectively. The helmet fits heads that are 40–52 cm in circumference.

It is not recommended that kids wear the helmet when performing sports activities or when sleeping.

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