Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Game Review (Pressman Toy)

Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Game
What It Is

Go shopping with your Shopkins in the Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Game. The object of this game, which is for two to four players, is to collect all four Shopkins Color Tokens and make it back to the start/finish space first. Each player gets to play as one of the four included Shopkins pawns, two of which are exclusives. Players then take turns spinning the spinner and moving their Shopkins pawn that many spaces along the board.

If you land on or are about to pass a colored Price Tag space, you must stop on this space and collect the Shopkins Color Token that is there.

If you land on a Runaway Cart space, you must immediately move to any other Runaway Cart space on the board. But keep in mind, you don't get to collect tokens from any Price Tag spaces you pass on your way to the new Runaway Cart space, so be strategic about where you move your Shopkins.

Players must stop and end their turn at any Stop space. To pass these spaces, you'll need to spin one of the numbers indicated on that space.

As soon as you have all four Shopkins Color Tokens, make your way toward the start/finish space. The instructions don't say if you need to land on this space by exact count, so feel free to make up house rules about that.

Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Game comes with four Shopkins pawns, a game board, 16 tokens, a spinner, and instructions.

Is It Fun?

Shopkins fans will really like playing this cute and easy-to-learn game, plus getting the chance to add even more Shopkins characters to their collections. The game is a nice way of reinforcing color matching and counting for younger players as well as getting them to think strategically.

Who It’s For

The Shopkins Supermarket Scramble Game is for Shopkins fans ages 5 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Before you play the game for the first time, some assembly of the spinner and the tokens is required. It was very easy to do.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy