Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon Review (Petmate)

Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon
What It Is

The Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon from Petmate is essentially a sleeping bag for cats. The Comfy Cocoon is 20 x 16.5 inches and made of fleece. What makes this sleeping sack unique is that it features internal wires around the top and middle so pet parents can adjust the shape to fit their cat's preference to open for a wider or a more narrow fit. Another unique feature is the zipper at the back end of the Comfy Cocoon so that you have the option for a more open design based on your cat's preference.

Why Is It Useful?

Does your cat like to lay inside bags, or maybe burrow underneath the covers? The Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon is designed to appeal to these cats. The Comfy Cocoon creates a warm and safe environment for a cat to snuggle up whether it's for relaxing or sleeping.

Who It’s For

The Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon is best suited for smaller cats, which are 10 pounds and under.

What To Be Aware Of

Not all cats will immediately take to this type of bed. Help your cat get used to the Jackson Galaxy Comfy Cocoon by putting it in your cat's favorite sleeping spot.

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