Scrabble Twist Game Review (Hasbro)

Scrabble Twist Game
What It Is

Scrabble Twist scales down the vocabulary-testing game into a handheld version for play on the go. Compact in size, the gameplay also differs from classic Scrabble. In Scrabble Twist, play in one of three timed modes: Party, Turbo, or Solo mode.

Party mode is a multi-player mode for two to eight players. In Party mode, each player has 15 seconds to tap the letters on the screens to form a word, twist it, and pass it off to the next player. The catch is that all players are given the same letters, so try not to guess the same word as your opponent because if time runs out before you think of a word, you're out.

In Turbo mode, two players race each other and the clock. Playtime is slightly longer--60 seconds.

In both Turbo mode and Solo mode, players must use that time given to create as many words as possible out of the five letters they are given to earn points.

You can also play the game across three different levels depending on whether you're a beginner or a pro.

Is It Fun?

Whether you are playing alone or against a group of friends, it's the time element and on-the-go format of this classic game that amps up the competition and tests your vocabulary under pressure.

Who It’s For

Scrabble Twist is for ages 8 and up.

What To Be Aware Of

Word combinations are limited to five-letter words, and therefore you can't build off another player's word to earn more points.

Points are not awarded until the end of each game or turn, so unless you have your Scrabble tiles memorized, you won't know which words or tiles earned you what amount of points.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy