Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand Review (Petmate)

Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand
What It Is

The Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Wand is a wand-type cat toy with feather attachment clipped onto the end. What makes this toy unique is its telescoping handle. The wand starts at eight inches and expands to 32 inches, making storage very easy. Another unique feature is the retractable reel-cord string that attaches the feather. Once it is stored, it won't get tangled.

Is It Fun?

This toy is meant to simulate a cat's need to hunt air prey such as birds and flying insects. Cats will love chasing, batting at, and jumping for this toy. The feathers are especially enticing as they are high quality and aerodynamic. Pet parents will love the interactive playtime that this toy offers with their cat. Jackson Galaxy recommends toys that your cat can "catch" to simulate hunting. Don't just tease your cat with this wand, let her stalk her "prey" and then "capture" it too.

Who It’s For

This toy is designed for all cats.

What To Be Aware Of

The telescoping handle of this cat wand is not as sturdy as traditional solid handled cat wands, so please be aware of this if your cat plays rough. Additional replacement feathers for this toy can be purchased separately.

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