Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Net Sports Review (Little Kids, Inc.)

Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Net Sports
What It Is

Play tennis or volleyball inside on a rainy day with Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Net Sports. This indoor sports set is sized and scaled for indoor play spaces, such as bedrooms, hallways, and playrooms. It comes with a net, two racquets, two poles, two bases, a foam tennis ball, and an inflatable volleyball. Just set up the net, get down on your knees, and play. Use the racquets to hit the tennis ball back and forth over the net, or use your hands to volley the volleyball back and forth.

Is It Fun?

Even on a rainy day, this set lets kids play a favorite sport and remain active indoors. Because you have to play on your knees, it adds a new challenge to the sports and a level of silliness that kids will like.

Who It’s For

Hall Stars Indoor 2 in 1 Net Sports is for kids ages 6 and up. It gives sports-loving kids an alternative way to play inside on a rainy day, but it would also be great for kids who live in apartments or urban areas and do not have a backyard.

What To Be Aware Of

You do have to assemble the net, but it's very easy to do. The instructions are on the bottom of the box.

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